You realized that your house is so far upside down that you figured that you would make a “strategic default”. You called the bank to see if you could reduce your payments and the phone person from somewhere in Asia told you that there was nothing they could do unless you stopped paying.

There are many reasons why people stop paying their mortgage payments. Once they do, it is only a matter of time before the Bank will have a process server come to your door with court papers. One way or another, when that happens, you need to find the best lawyers for your circumstances. That is us.

While other law firms promise to keep you in your home for as long as possible, The Ticktin Law Group promises to fight the bank and defend against foreclosure. We have had good success in this in that out of approximately 4,000 closed cases, we have had over 700 dismissals.

We fight hard for our clients and their interests, no matter how large the case

We are the lawyers who unearthed the fraudulent activity the banks were perpetrating, which was coined as the “Robo-Signer” scandal. We helped the states’ 50 Attorney Generals and the federal government obtain a $30 Billion recovery from the banks by providing the evidence we amassed in our files. This effort landed us on the front page of The New York Times 3 times, appearances on Fox News, CNN, etc., etc.

We did this by fighting hard for our clients. We took depositions across the country, and through our efforts, we discovered the fraud. Today, we continue pouring our energy and resources into our cases.

We continue to take depositions wherever necessary and this in and of itself, often causes the banks to fold and file voluntary dismissals. Moreover, we win a good number of our cases in trial. The Ticktin Law Group represents only homeowners and occupants, and never the banks. Although we understand the need for lawyers to represent the banks, our firm enjoys being on the side of those who we want to keep in their homes. We fight the banks.

Foreclosures are lawsuits, in many ways, similar to all other court actions. However, there are differences which put these cases in a world of their own.