Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, tall palm trees, and great weather, but there is another unmistakably common feature that many people overlook while traveling throughout the state. Construction!! It seems as though everywhere you turn in our beautiful state, there are new developments, re-models, teardowns, and spec-houses popping up.

While construction is certainly a sign that the struggling economy is finally beginning its journey to recovery, and in some areas already prospering, all of this construction creates its own set of legal issues and concerns. The Construction Department at The Ticktin Law Group is more than well equipped to represent a full spectrum of construction clients, from large developers to small independent contractors, subs, as well as construction consumers.

The key to any well designed construction project is a strong foundation and The Ticktin Law Group is no different.

The strength of our foundation comes from what we commonly refer to as the three C’s. Creativity, Cost Effectiveness, and Communication. Creativity is found in the unseen aspects of litigation. Much like a flawless survey that takes place before the foundation is poured. This trait is not one that many people associate with the legal profession, but it is of the utmost importance. It is a characteristic that many businesses claim to possess, but The Ticktin Law Group has proven.

Whether it comes from our dedication to the unearthing of the now infamous “robo-signers” in mortgage foreclosure cases, or the out of the box thinking that has led to our countless court victories, we understand that it takes creativity to be successful. This same creativity is utilized in our construction cases, whether it be bringing a construction defect claim, or defense to a construction lien foreclosure, we are always prepared.

Cost effectiveness is the strong, perfectly poured concrete for the foundation. This is also a characteristic that many people would not associate with the legal profession, but emerging from of our creative way of thinking and planning, was a cost effective way to successfully litigate cases. Here at the Ticktin Law Group, we have utilized departmentalization to drive down the costs associated with litigation. Although, every lawsuit is unique, there are also many similarities.

For example, you will always need hearings to be coordinated and set, you will always need to engage in some form of discovery as a way of gathering needing documents or getting important questions answered to effectively litigate the case. As such, we employ a dedicated staff to accomplish these tasks at a fraction of the cost an attorney would charge, and that savings is passed along to our clients. So whether, you need liens recorded or enforced, construction contracts upheld, or to defend a construction defect claim, The Ticktin Law Group will effectively represent you in an affordable manner.

Finally, Communication is the steel wire and rebar that holds the entire foundation together. The Ticktin Law Group prides itself on its commitment to keep its clients fully apprised on every step of the litigation process, and its attorneys and staff also pride themselves on being extremely accessible to their clients.

Regardless of whether you are a large corporation or an individual, whether your legal issues are very complex or relatively simple, litigation is stressful and unpleasant. Our attorneys and staff understand this, and that is why we are dedicated to always being available to answer any questions and address any concerns our clients have.