Personal Injury Questions

QI live in Florida, my car was rear-ended last year while stopped, everyone in our car ended up in the hospital. However, the driver of the other car had no insurance. My insurance covered the repair fees for the car and most of the hospital fees. However there’s still more than a grand left in hospital fees. Is there a way to make the other driver pay for what his insurance would have covered should he have had it? It seems like he is walking away free and clear for not having insurance.
Posted By: Jamie Sasson

A Good question and this is something that a lot of people deal with.

You can pursue him for your medical expenses and pain and suffering, but there is a good chance he may not have any money for you to collect, so you may just end up with a judgment.

You may be able to collect money from your own insurance company, if you had uninsured motorist protection. Did you have this in your policy? Most people have from 30K to 50K. This covers you in the event the driver who hit you did not have adequate insurance, which is the case here.

Did the driver have a nice car, as that is a good sign whether it is worth suing him personally?